Friday, March 18, 2011


One of the neatest practices I have done for over a decade is to pick a specific verse for each family member to pray for during the year.
Mind you, I don't pick the verse. The Holy Spirit leads me to a particular verse for each person.
When I first began, there was just the six of us. And then Adam entered the family. Then came our first grandson Kellen. After Kellen, was Nate and the last one to come along was Jax. I'm sure there will be more grandchildren (hopefully!) and I assume there will be some daughter in laws to enter the scene (at least I keep praying there will be). But for now, I have 10 people to find verses for.
Some people might think this will be an easy endeavor. In actuality, it usually takes me 4-6 weeks. I just think of a book in the bible and start reading. I have learned now that when " I think of a book", it really is the Holy Spirt directing me.
I've always been amazed (but really why should I be?) how the verse really is one that is so specific for that particular person.
One year the LORD led me to Iss 43 for Scud. I had no idea why this was "the verse" for him. It talks about God being with us as we walk thru the waters,  and that the rivers will not sweep over us, or we will not get burned as we walk thru the fire. WHY would God give me this verse. It was 8 months later, when one night Scud told me his job was being eliminated from Young Life. WOW, knew (um duh Missy).
One year when Kristi was going to have the busiest year of her college career, God gave me Is 26:3 for her , promising that God would keep her in His perfect peace.
The year I moved to Woodleaf, another verse came from Isaiah 43 (seriously I didn't plan all these verses from Isaiah), but this verse was for me not to look back but to look forward to something new that God was going to do in my life. You have to know that I was absolutely miserable during this time, wondering why all my life that I knew and loved was back in San Jose. I had no idea why I got this verse, but as the year went on, I began investigating going on Young Life College staff at Chico State. I would never had imagined that I would go on Young Life Staff. And yet it was something new...something that God knew He had for me, that would give me such blessings and that I would come to know and LOVE these college kids so much.
I've had verses given to me for Ryan-praying for his safety, praying God would do whatever He needed to bring Ry to the LORD, and then watching amazed how God answered my prayers and His promises, and Ryan came back to us and to Him. (see Genesis 4:7 for an example).
One year the LORD directed me to 2 Kings 6:17 for Todd. I claimed "open his eyes that he may see".
This was a time in his life when Todd really questioned GOD and that summer , while on summer staff at Woodleaf, God led him to some guys who loved him so well, that he returned to God and believed that He really did care about what happened in his life. ( I truly thank God for how he used those guys , who now are Todd's lifetime bros in Christ).
And Katie? Well God has led me to specific verses for her thru out the years. Some had to do with her physical, spiritual well being. Others that God would really reveal Himself to her. One that I personally treasure is from Duet 33:12 about Katie being able to rest between the Lord's shoulders. It was a very visual picture for me of Christ loving and caring for my daughter in what was the most difficult year of her life.
I could go on and on. Bur realize you might get bored.
What I want you to know that this year has been the 13th year that I have done this, and I plan to do it every year until God calls me home.
Especially since HE is the one who picks them. My job is just to pray them.
I would challenge you to do the same for members of your family. Not only has been it mind boggling and both amazing and inspiring for me, as I have witnessed God's faithfulness to those I love the most, but I also have memorized over 80 of God's most amazing promises.
And that is something I treasure.

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