Sunday, May 13, 2012


Undoubtably, the most terrifying job one can imagine is being a mother.
Mind you, it is also the one job that brings indescribable joys. It also can bring tears and fears.
But being a mom is hands down the most challenging, yet rewarding job any woman can have.

For almost 34 years now, I have had the etremely immense privilege of being the mom to Kristi, Todd, Katie and Ryan.
They have brought me to a place of humility like no other.
They have brought me laughter upon laughter.
They are the memories that will never leave my heart.
Those four lives are the ones I would do absolutely anything for, and often have.
I have sacrificed so they could have.
I have been blessed abundantly beyond measure because of them.
I have laughted until I cried, and wept till I couldn't cry anymore.

I have watched them grow up.
I have watched them succeed and have watched them fail.
I have nursed them in sickness and held them in their dark times.
I have watched them fall in love and watched their hearts break over losing love,
I have watched both of my daughters fall in love and then marry the most wonderful delightful men.
I anticipate watching both of my sons marry the girl of their dreams.

I had absolutely no idea what I was getting into when I became a mother. There are no manuals. Often it is a trial by error method of learning how to parent.
I am confident that Kristi, Todd, Katie and Ryan would confirm that I have failed a few too many times.
I am also sure that they know beyond a shadow of a doubt that I love them fiercely and loyally.
I have made countless mistakes being a mom and have asked forgiveness of my kids more times than I would like to admit.
But I have tried to be the best mom that could be for them. I have given it my all. I have tried to become the mother I envisioned myself to be. And yet as I said, I know I have failed.

AS I look at my grown children, I know I have succeeded too.
I see them as adults who long to contribute to making the world better.
I am so incredibly proud of each of them. As adults they bring me incredible joy as I see how they pursue life and they pursue Christ.

I think the best thing I have done for my kids is to pray continually for them-since the moment I knew I was carrying them inside me. It has been the most awesome adventure watching my prayers answered; wasn't always what I prayed but what happened was the Best for them.
More than anything what Scud and I wanted was for them to know the LORD of the universe. To spend their lives seeking Him and obeying Him. And each one of them is doing that. We all know that we are on a journey with Jesus and I have been blessed beyond my wildest imagination seeing Kristi, Todd, Katie and Ryan seeking after the GOD who loves them more that I can begin to comprehend.

God blessed me even more by bringing Adam and Nate into my life as well. These two men, who love my daughters like no other, are now too, my sons. I love them deeply and am so grateful they are part of our family.

Four years ago I learned that the best thing about parenting is GRANDPARENTING.
Now I just get to love and love and love on my little favorite guys. I might make mistakes with them too; but what a privilege it is to get to see life again thru the eyes of a child.

So THANKYOU Kristi, Todd, Katie and Ryan.
I wouldn't trade being your mom for ALL THE MONEY IN THE WORLD.
NOTHING has brought me greater joy. I will keep on loving you, supporting you in any way I can, until the day I leave this earth.