Thursday, June 25, 2015



Hateful. Sad. Not comforting at all.

I still can not wrap my head around the immense hateful act that happened in Charleston.

I still can not believe that this country is racist. But it is.

The Civil War has been over for over 150 years and yet many states in the South still fly the confederate flag. Absolutely mind boggling to this California native. I am sickened, horrified and appalled at what happened to the nine people. But it just wasn't those nine whose lives were cut short. It was their families, the members of the church and in reality our whole country. We grieve and mourn and lament. It is time to do something.

It is time to do something to end the atrocities we have committed agains African Americans. BLACK LIVES DO MATTER.

It is especially hard for me to comprehend the racism that exists. Having grown up in the 60's where my father built low cost housing for the (then Negro) population of East Palo Alto. I didn't know  there was a color difference. My dad's foreman for his construction was a Black man who was part of our family.

And hearing the news of two Black churches set on fire by arson this week. Racism begets racism. Where do people become bigots? Doesn't it usually start at home? And how is it possible that followers of Jesus can be racist? I don't understand this at all.

The remaining brother of the Boston marathon killings issues an apology statement yesterday.

REALLY? 14 months after it happens? When you are hearing your sentence. This is hard for me to believe his apology is  sincere. But also, who am I to cast judgement?

This week also brought news of a fairly famous pastor admitting to an affair and then resigning from his church. It was unfortunate that he gave the reason that he was "caught" in this discretion, because his wife had an affair first.
This pastor has a very famous grandfather who has literally brought millions to Christ and yet he too, is capable of placing the blame of his sin on someone else.

For me, when I sin, I too, can try and rationalize and place the blame on anyone or anything but me. But when I stop and think about it, the reason I choose to sin is because I want to be the god of my life. I want to do what I want to do, when I want to do it. And screw the consequences.
Where do we come up with the idea that our sin hurts no one but us? Our sin, my sin, most of all hurts GOD who loves us so deeply. Who pursues us because He longs for us to know Him and His love. But always our sin hurts more than just us.

I can only begin to imagine how much just this weeks news has hurt Our Father. How He grieves and cries over what has transpired.
Will it get worse? I bet it will.
Can we do anything? I would like to believe so.
But what is one person to do?
Anything that you can think of to do will help.

Serve them.
Ask what you can do to help.
Give your time. Give your money. Give your talents.
Ask God for guidance, for wisdom, to do what you can.

Oh JESUS, where are you?
Show up in your people.
Give us the ability to do what YOU want us to do.