Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I have had an incredible privilege this fall being able to be on "Launch Teams" for two different books from some amazing writers.
If you are on my Facebook page, you may have noticed a few posts for the book, Every Little Thing by Deidra Riggs. I have followed Deidra's blog, called Jumping Tandem for a couple of years and when she shared last winter that a book was coming, I was ecstatic. I have appreciated her words of wisdom, and her desire for racial reconciliation inspires me like no other.

So being allowed to preview this book this fall, was quite the honor for me.
I absolutely loved this book, and want you to read it too.

Do you ever feel like your life doesn't
matter. What you do makes no difference? That in the world we live in, your one little act of service means nothing? If that desciribes you , then this book by Deidra Riggs is for you. Right now,for this time.
God has fashioned us to be His workers in the world- no matter where we are,no matter what we do. No matter how insignificant we feel. Whether you are a student, a mom with infants and toddlers, in the corporate world, teaching,nursing, garbage collectors, artists, writers, plumbers, construction workers; no matter who you are or aren't, GOD wants to use you!
That one little thing you can do in your little world makes a difference.
What if you understood that every little thing you do can make a difference? If one life is helped or changed,or thousands are affected, that God designed you to be an agent of change for a hurting,messy,mixed up world. And that He has gifted you to meet certain needs.
This book spoke deeply to my fears,my apprehensions and insecurities, but got beyond that to help me realize: That God wants to use me. And He wants to use you. In spite of ourselves.
Those needs we see- where we wish someone would step up and try and meet- that someone most likely might be you. Deidra Riggs encouages and inspires us to join God in what He is doing right in our own
neighborhoods, schools, churches, place of employment. This is a book for ALL OF US. right where we are, right where God has put us. Every Little Thing we do matters.
Join God in His plans, His purpose for you right smack in the middle of your everyday life.

Because I feel this book should be in your hands, I am offering the book to one person, thanks to her publisher.
Included in this offer, is a special piece of jewelry that Day Spring designed for just this book.

A link to amazon:

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I am excited to give this book away.
Please comment here if you are interested in receiving the book and this necklace for free. I will pick the winner one week from today November 3.