Monday, November 28, 2011


We went to Texas on Thanksgiving Day. All 10 of us.
No the title isn't misspelled.
It was Thanksgiving in Aggieland.
Scud went to Texas A&M for college. All four of our kids are Aggie fans because of their dad.
They all wanted to go to a game at A&M.
So for Scud's 60th birthday, the kids gave him (and all of us) a trip to Texas to see the Ags play Texas. Could be for the last time and we had no idea when the trip was planned and tickets bought. A&M is joining the SEC next year, so they may never play their dreaded rivals again.
BUT we had an absolutely amazing time. Despite the last second win (literally)by tu.
We toured A&M, had breakfast with 4 guys Scud had a bible study with all four years in college, got lost in the texas back country and ended up in the Woodlands at Sharon's home with a visit with Nanny and Sharon's family.
This was the first time Elouise had her children, her grandchildren and her great grandsons together in one place. Who knows if it will happen again?
WELL almost...Kellen and Jax got sick, and then when we got home, Katie and Nate got sick too.
But truly, I thank God for the most enjoyable time and for kids who love and respect their dad immensely.

Monday, November 21, 2011


This past Saturday was the anniversary of me beginning a relationship with Jesus Christ.
Forty years ago, while driving home from college (Univ of Puget Sound) in my green VW bug, I remember asking God to come into my life and take control. I had spent the previous evening with my friends Bill and Dave-who were college roommates, playing the devil's advocate. Both my friends were followers of Christ and wanted me to know that God would never leave me or forsake me once I began a "new life" with Him. I asked so many questions, and they gave me answers. We talked into the wee hours of the morning and I remember wondering how the heck I was going to stay awake for the 12 hour drive back to Palo Alto.
But as I drove, I reflected on our conversation and after a few hours, it seemed right to ask Jesus to come into my life.
40 years later, I consider that to be the BEST decision of my life.
I never walked away from Jesus, but there were times in the early years, that I went sideways a little-trying to live the life of a follower of Christ and a college sorority girl.
I have had tremendous joy and tremendous pain in these 40 years. I have been blessed beyond measure. I have an absolutely amazing man to share my life with. I have 4 wonderful children and 2 incredible sons by marriage. I have 2 cute little grandsons who always can make me smile and laugh. And I have an invaluable support system of some of the kindest,caring, loving and forgiving friends imagineable.

The pain I have experienced has left me raw and vulnerable. It has stripped away my pride and made me feel helpless often. But I have never been without HOPE, because I have the stability of a GOD who will always uphold me.
It is the pain where I grow and learn lessons that otherwise probably would have escaped me. The ones that after the suffering has lessened, I realize that Jesus had something so important to tell me. Painful lessons that I would not trade. Lessons that taught me of the extreme faithfulness, love, grace and mercy of God.

40 years of walking with Jesus. Two thirds of my life trying to become the person that He envisions me to be. So extremely grateful that God never has given up on me.
Now, I can't even fathom what my life would be like without Jesus Christ. I would not be who I am today or who He wants me to be tomorrow. I know I would be more selfish and self-absorbed, more concerned about my wants than anyone else's.
Thankfully, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt , that this life is to be all about JESUS and very very little about me.

I am so so grateful that God has allowed me to know Him. I cannot imagine my life now apart from Christ. Now I just want to know that with however many years that I have left in this life, I will use it for His purposes, for His Kingdom...and happily do so.

Psalm 142:5
"YOU are my place of refuge. YOU are all I really want in life"
Amen and Amen.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


We make countless decisions everyday.
We make many of them without really even thinking. For instance, we get out of bed every morning-we could decide to stay in bed.
And then some of our decisions we think about maybe just a little. Like what will I have for breakfast, or will I have breakfast?
Then there are other decisions that weigh a little more on us. Like which college should I go to?? what career path should I take?? Should I move? Should I stay?
But what about those MAJOR decisions...those life changing ones? Like getting married.
Is this THE ONE? That one decision can change your life for a very long time. Well unless you are Kim Kardashian, and then it will change your life for 72 days.

I bet that Joe Paterno is really thinking over his decision right now to just report what he heard about his coach that was abusing young boys. That one decision has now affected so so many people. And JoePa's career, a brilliant coach who has the most wins of any college coach, has now been ended and marred by that decision.

And Bernie Madoff. He made decisions over and over again to lie, cheat and steal people's money. Why? Because he was greedy. He will now die in prison. His son ended his life because of the guilt and humiliation. I'm pretty sure he would take back all those decisions if he knew the final outcome.

What about the egomanical leaders who kill people to get their way? Who devise schemes to utterly ruin people's lives? Recently, we have watched Sadam Hussein, Osama bin Laden and Muammar Gadaffi lives end -all because they were individually responsible for killing thousands upon thousands.

What about the young man who has gotten his girlfriend pregnant? And now she wants an abortion and he wants the baby?? Would he have had such casual sex if he knew the heartache he was now experiencing?

And what if you are cheating just a little? On a test? Or a paper?? Thinking that no one would notice or care. What if that started a habit of taking things that didn't belong to you? I can't believe that Bernie Madoff started his cheating and stealing just recently.

We often think our decisons don't really affect others.
But they do. Sometimes people get deeply hurt by our decisons.

The decision that has affected my life the most is one I made 40 years ago. The decision to believe that God loved me so much, that He wanted a relationship with me so desperately, that He sent His One and only precious Son to take on my sins. So that we could have communion with one another.
That decision that I made on November 19, 1971 is the BEST decision I ever made.
That decision has had the most impact on my life.
That decision has slowly, thru 40 years changed me to realize that life isn't about me, but its all about GOD. The ONE who made me, who created me for His Glory.

What about you? What kind of decisons are you making? Do you realize they could last a lifetime?? and then some??
My prayer for myself, and for you, is that our decisions would be made so that they would reflect God, reflect the person that He envisions me (us) to be.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Little Things...that bring me joy

Its been close to a month since I last wrote anything.
Many times i feel like I have nothing to say of relevance or importance. Today may be one of those days. But as I sit by our woodburning stove, seeing the fog outside that is thick and the fresh new snow on the ground, I am grateful for a home with heat.
Which makes me think of those who are homeless and pray that God will provide warmth for them and a place to sleep.

I love the first snow of the year. It is white, pristine and clean. I know it won't last. I know more will come. And wonder what our winter might look like.
My two cute labs lie right beside me and I'm thankful for them; they bring me alot of joy.

I've enjoyed football more this fall than in many years that I care to remember.
The Niners are GOOD again and that's been awhile.
The Stanford CARDINAL have always had my heart-since I was a little girl. And their QB will probably win the Heisman.
I've also enjoyed watching the Oregon Ducks. My son Todd went to the U of O for a brief period and he is an avid fan. So looking forward to next weekend when we get to see the Stanford/Oregon game in Palo Alto.

My three small groups of girls that I do bible study with bring me Great Joy each week. To watch them want to grow in their relationship with Jesus brings me unspeakable heartfelt praise to God for allowing me this incredible privilege.

Last week I was able to take care of my favorite two little boys while their mommy worked hard. Anytime I get to spend with Kellen and Jax is pure joy for this Grammy, even when they are not feeling so well.

And this past week , i have had the joy of studying God's Word in a Beth Moore bible study on Daniel. I am starting my third week and already I have the strongest desire to be a woman of total integrity, one who is not intimidated by the culture I live in. Already God's Spirit has convicted me in some areas and I am thankful for how much HE loves me in spite of how I act. God loves me so much He won't let me stay the way I am, but keeps molding me to look more like Jesus.

I know the Holiday season is upon us. I just want to be grateful for all I have been blessed with. And I want to use what God has given me to help others. And I want to keep being thankful for the little things. (thank you to Katie Bruce for teaching me about this!!)