Friday, January 25, 2013

Ahhh ....Scud

My last post was about blessings. I have been trying to be thankful and remember how much the LORD has blessed my life . While driving home last night from Chico, I was grateful how God worked His purpose for me that day.

I had lunch with one of "my girls". I thought it might be hard because there were some difficult things that needed to be communicated, but God was right there and it turned out how He planned it and I am grateful for how He leads us and how, when we are trying to be wholly His, that we respond in love.

Later in the afternoon, got to spend time (never enough) with my friend Gail. She inspires me and I love how she ministers to people at any given moment. She is truly a blessing in my life.

In the evening, I got to spend time in a small group discussing temptations and how we can run from them everytime. These 5 gals make my day everytime I am with them. Their honesty, vulnerability with each other and their desire to really be who God envisions them to be totally energizes me to what God has called me to do. Oh how they have blessed my life so much more than I could ever have imagined.

So while reflecting on my day and the blessings God has given me, I thought of the BEST blessing in my life outside of my relationship to JESUS.

He is the best blessing God has bestowed on me.
For almost 37 years now, this man has loved me, encouraged me, challenged me, shown me where I am wrong-always in a loving way, held me when I didn't think I could breathe again, shared my tears and has made me laugh every single day of our married life.

Scud is the opposite of me in so many ways:
He never judges people.
He always thinks before saying anything.
He always listens to 2 sides of a story before making any kind of decision.
He is not reactionary.
He has had the MOST INCREDIBLE servant's heart from the day I met him.
He never wants recognition; just wants to do what Jesus has called him to do.
He is completely humble.

Oh I realize how great he is. I also realize that I just informed you of how not great I am, but most of you who read this already know that.

Scud has been the most wonderful husband for me.
He has been an amazing, wise and loving Dad to our four kids.
I am so grateful that God graciously brought into my life a man who desires to be who God envisions him to be and how he encourages me daily to be the woman God wants me to be.

Completely certain that this is the BEST MAN for me and that God brought Scud into my life so that i could know more of JESUS .
I am forever grateful LORD GOD.

Friday, January 18, 2013

When you least expect it

Gosh, it has been a LONG time since I have written anything.
It isn't because nothing has happened. It is just that sometimes life is busy; sometimes I think no one would be interested in what I have to say.
Writing to me can be such a release and also a motivator.
In my journals, I write and contemplate things I am learning-that are not necessarily for anyone but me.
Other times I write because I feel the LORD has taught me something that I want to share to see if will help, inspire, encourage others.
And sometimes I write just to process my thoughts and feelings.

This week I have been in San Jose. I spent three days watching Kellen and Jax while Kristi was at a leadership retreat with her church staff. I always have fun with these little boys and am so grateful that I am close enough to be able to do this. Not only did I have the privilege of being with my grandsons, I had some great times with some great people.

Spent the morning with one of my original Chico gals, Sam Stone, who now lives in San Jose.

Had korean chicken tacos made by Todd.

Shared that meal with my family, the 'girlfriends" and Mary Kay-doesn't get much better than that!

Spent an afternoon with my friend Elaine and the next day we (along with her husband Keith) took our
      grandsons (four of them , all 2 and 4 yrs) to the Children's Discovery Museum in San Jose.

Had breakfast and caught up with my friend Ruth.

Had lunch with my dear June-my spiritual mentor of 34+ years.

Bought a new 49ers shirt.

And tomorrow will attend the memorial service of a dear man who was on the Young Life Committee in 
      San Jose for almost 30 years

God has abundantly blessed me and I wasn't even thinking that anything would happen this week.

How often do we miss the things God has blessed us with because we are too busy to notice?

Maybe I was intentionally looking. Maybe I was inspired by my small group on Sunday night and the amazing conversation we had. I was blessed then too as I watched "my girls" care, support and encourage one another.

Maybe it was because on my ride down to San Jose, I was challenged to be thankful and look for the daily blessings.
Whatever it was, right now I sit and marvel of how much God has blessed me this week.

And that's not all. In my quiet times, I began reading Genesis last week. Although I haven't gotten very far, God has blessed me again and again by reminding me of truths I often overlook, shown me new ways to think about things, allowed me to see how far He has taken me and cause me once again to be amazed at how His Word never gets old, and that He wants to reveal more and more of Himself to me on a daily basis.

Its been a fabulous week. Thank you Lord God for showering me with blessings.
What about you?? Stop and just think of how God has blessed you these past 5 days.