Monday, November 28, 2011


We went to Texas on Thanksgiving Day. All 10 of us.
No the title isn't misspelled.
It was Thanksgiving in Aggieland.
Scud went to Texas A&M for college. All four of our kids are Aggie fans because of their dad.
They all wanted to go to a game at A&M.
So for Scud's 60th birthday, the kids gave him (and all of us) a trip to Texas to see the Ags play Texas. Could be for the last time and we had no idea when the trip was planned and tickets bought. A&M is joining the SEC next year, so they may never play their dreaded rivals again.
BUT we had an absolutely amazing time. Despite the last second win (literally)by tu.
We toured A&M, had breakfast with 4 guys Scud had a bible study with all four years in college, got lost in the texas back country and ended up in the Woodlands at Sharon's home with a visit with Nanny and Sharon's family.
This was the first time Elouise had her children, her grandchildren and her great grandsons together in one place. Who knows if it will happen again?
WELL almost...Kellen and Jax got sick, and then when we got home, Katie and Nate got sick too.
But truly, I thank God for the most enjoyable time and for kids who love and respect their dad immensely.

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  1. It was absolutely one of the best Thanksgivings I can ever remember. beats the heck out of Remuda that's for sure. hahaha. Gig 'Em. If only we were in California with all of you and not in Seattle feeling under the weather! Love you! The Lord has certainly blessed our bonds and love in the Scudder family and how we have grown over the years. I am so thankful for the memories we made this weekend and the deep love and care we have for one another. Thanks for being our mom and for Dad being an Aggie so we could have this once in a lifetime experience!