Friday, March 11, 2011


Sometimes, but not always, life offers us too many choices.
Take for instance, shopping for a dress. Let's say its for your wedding. OK, there are thousands you can choose from. This is probably the most important piece of clothing a woman will ever buy. Its really beneficial to know ahead of some styles that you might like.
I remember going wedding dress shopping for Kristi , my oldest daughter. She had found a dress online and we went to the bridal dress shop where she tried it on and LOVED it and that was it. ONE dress. Who does that???
Kristi does. She was gorgeous that day, and extremely beautiful the day she married Adam. I was a bit sad tho-the experience of only getting to see her in one dress, was just not enough for this mom. But it was the right dress for the right girl.
Katie, (my youngest daughter,) on the other hand, gave me the joy of seeing her in several dresses. The first dress she tried on was THE ONE, and from the moment I saw her in it, I knew it was the one. But Katie has always had trouble making big decisions-so she tried on several beautiful dresses- but came back to the first one.
Then there's so many other choices we get to make thru out our lifetime. Like which college we choose to go to, what career path to take, who to marry, which house to buy or what car. And there's the not so important choices we have: like which restraunt to go to, what movie, where to vacation.
Here's a picture of my favorite little boy trying to decide which shirt he wants out of three choices to remember our family trip to disneyland. A big decision for a 2 1/2 year old.

I get the privilege of hanging out with some wonderful, life loving, adventurous, funny, crazy college kids during the week. And they are in the process of making decisions all the time.
Some of the ones they are grappling with are: drinking, drugs, sex , and wondering if there really is a God.
Now I am always coming from the position of pointing them to Christ and what He has to say .
Do i drink to get drunk? do I sleep with my boyfriend/girlfriend? How far is too far? And if there is a God, does He even care really about what I do?
Joshua 24:15 says in part: "choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve..."
Will you choose God and to serve Him? Will you choose to obey what He says?
In all actuality, we all get this choice. Some of us realize it and some of us, without realizing it, have already chosen.
For me, the "choice" was obvious. I believed that God was the Creator of all and if He created me, then conversely, He would know what would be best for me. So I chose God...but in reality, God chose me first. And then I made the decision -or the choice- to choose Him.
Truly this was the most monumental decision I ever made, because from then on, all the other choices that became mine to make, would draw me closer to God or take me a bit farther from Him.
What about you?? Who do you choose to serve this day?

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