Monday, March 7, 2011


We don't like to wait. We are impatient, want answers NOW and mostly believe that waiting is a waste of our time.
We wait at the doctor's office and wonder why don't they know how to schedule better. We wait in lines to check out and think "why don't they have more checkers? why don't they have checkers that can actually do their jobs?"
We wait for our team to win a championship-and waiting for 52 years to see my beloved SF GIANTS win the world series..was so worth the wait.
We wait to see who will be our life partner, and wonder why the heck they aren't here yet.
We wait for THE JOB-and wonder if they realize how good I really am.
I wonder how much time we spend waiting.
We wait for the baby to come and sometimes that seems like forever. We wait anxiously for our kids to return home from college for visits cause we miss them so.
We wait for the doctor's diagnosis-knowing that we have conjured up the worst case scenario.
But for me, I have found that waiting can be good.
Waiting on God to answer prayers is often oh so hard, but mostly always good.
I have had some real heartache in my life waiting on God. But the most amazing thing in waiting is that I have known more of God while I wait. I know more of His love and concern for me. I know more of His forgiveness and grace. I have learned while waiting that no matter how hard I try to make the answer come more quickly, that God's answers are always in His most perfect timing.
Right now I am waiting on answers to some health questions of my own. that doesn't bother me too much. But I am wondering when and if God will ever choose to heal my daughter of all her multiple medical issues. I would trade places with her in a heartbeat. And as I wait, I wonder...does she know that waiting can be good? Does she trust in God enough? Do I?

Psalm 34:7a (in the new living translation) says: "BE STILL IN THE PRESENCE OF THE LORD, AND WAIT PATIENTLY FOR HIM TO ACT."

My desire is to really be still in God's presence. To trust Him with everything that happens around me. To wait patiently on Him. To know that His timing is so different from mine and to trust that He always comes in the perfect time.
May I be one who can wait patiently. And may you be one who can too.

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