Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Ephesians 4:30

" And do not bring sorrow to God's Holy Spirit by the way you live."

That verse got me this morning. Many verses in Ephesians 4 made me stop and think this morning, but this one, in particular just made me put my pen and journal down.

I was convicted. How to I bring sorrow on God by the way I live?
Sometimes -well in reality, probably often by my thoughts.
Sometimes by what I watch on TV.  Dang it...but I love Grey's, and Scandal and the Good Wife.
Sometimes by how I talk to people. You know in an annoyed voice, or a curt voice or by even talking in a mad voice.

I know I must grieve God greatly when I judge people. He is the JUDGE, not me.
I must cause Him to wince when I covet things I don't really need. Especially in light of the fact, that I live in the most affluent country in the world. There are literally millions and millions of people that would love to have even an eighth or tenth of what I possess. And yet, I think I need more. Actually I just want more; I don't really need it.

I must cause God sorrow too when I am not content. 
I know there are alot of us who think "IF ONLY".
If only I had a better job.
If only I had a nicer home.
If only I could get that piece of clothing that everyone else seems to be wearing.
If only I could go this place on vacation- everyone else goes there.
If only I had another degree- imagine where it could take me.
If only I had gone to a better college.
If only my parents had cared for me in the way I needed.
If only I had a girlfriend or a boyfriend-then I know I would be content.
IF only I had not done "that". I would not still have this guilt.
Way too many "If Only's".

Then there are the "obvious things" we do, that can cause God to be sad.
When we gossip.
When we lie.
When we cheat.
When we do whatever it takes to get what "we" want- no matter if others get hurt in the process.
When we drink too much.
When we swear too often.
When we do anything that would cause others to say: " I thought you were a follower of Christ."

It really pains me to think of how much I might cause God to be sad.
I am again ever so grateful that Jesus took care of all my wrongs on the Cross-  where He suffered and died for me.
I am determined to try and change. 
I don't want to cause the LORD grief.
But I am smart enough to realize I can not do this without His Help.
LORD GOD, have mercy on me. Please.

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  1. Amen, sister. I often think God sees me like a father watching his son play little league....immense pride and joy, lots of cheering...but tempered with a great deal of forehead slapping and sighs of frustration. Fortunately at the end of every game, He is always out biggest fan, no matter how we played.