Monday, June 24, 2013


Sometimes I can get overwhelmed by life.
Let's face it: alot of us can get overwhelmed by life.
Our days are filled with to do lists; we have so much to do that we get bogged down trying to accomplish what we set out to do.
Often times, I , and probably you too, miss some of the blessings that come our way because we are "too busy" trying to be the superman or superwoman we think we should be.

Fortunately, today was not one of those days for me.

Its a chilly rainy day at Woodleaf today-which is not typical for the end of June. 
When I woke up this morning I envisioned a day at home thinking this was the best place to be. No messy games for me!! I am sure the kids had a blast, but it was too cold for me-especially in June, to be any part of that.
After my time with Jesus and exercising, I took a quick shower trying to decide whether or not I wanted to go to camp. It was then I remembered that I had a friend who had been at camp as an adult guest for two days and would be leaving sometime today.
I hurredly dressed and went down to camp to see Aunt Ruth. 
Ruth is an incredible woman I met through our dear friends the Parsons.
She obviously isn't my aunt but to countless young people,  she is Aunt Ruth; the woman who loves and cares deeply for the young people she meets. I wanted to see her just so I could experience the bright life she brings and believe me,  I was not disappointed and truly thank God for the blessing she is to so many of us.

Before I even saw Ruth, my eyes caught a glimpse of my friend Chewy, who I hadn't seen in years. Chewy had been an intern here at Woodleaf for three different summers starting with the first one Scud was here. 
We connected almost immediately that first summer because of mutual friends and our love for coffee. I ran up to Chewy and hugged him warmly and we made a date for later in the morning.

But first I needed to check on my friend Ali who had the stomach flu and see what I could do for her. The privilege it is to take care of sick people reminds me of how grateful I still am, for the nurse I once was. I was able to help her figure out her dose for Insulin which always increases when someone with Diabetes gets sick. Then I was able to find some rice and bananas for Ali to eat and off I was to check on another friend who was feeling nauseous and give some more nursing (more realistically just common sense advice) care.

I met up with Chewy and brought him up to our home for a cup of coffee and we caught up a little on events in his life. Chewy's dad died unexpectedly on his birthday this past January, and it was incredible to hear how God orchestrated Chewy being just 15 minutes from his dad this past year and being able to have that time with him before his passing. Chewy is one of those friends that makes you smile just thinking about him!!

Then early this afternoon, I received two more visitors from San Jose. Natalie and Shannon were on my summer staff two years ago at Lost Canyon. I had actually recruited them to come with me. But what makes this even better is that on Saturday I drove to both the San Francisco and Sacramento Airports to pick up two other of my summer staffers from Arizona who were coming to visit . So here we are having a mini reunion because two of our Interns this summer were on that same summer staff and our retail supervisor for the summer was also on that team!!! I never expected this to happen and now I am in the presence of some gifted, talented , godly young women.

All these people I have visited with today remind me again and again the blessings God has showered on me being involved in the ministry of Young Life over the past 39 years. I have been privileged beyond my wildest imagination with people who have touched my life in significant ways. I have had blessing upon blessing through the richness of these relationships.  Some of the friends and people that I have met I might not even remember but that certainly does not negate the impact they once had on me. 
I have watched my own family be blessed beyond belief thru the friendships we have made and through their own adventures and ministry with YL.

It was my heart that was reminded again today of how much my life has been enriched thru Young Life. 
Too often I have complained about the time that has been taken from me doing something with Young Life. Too often I have not relished the fact that God has given me priceless treasures thru the people He has brought into my life thru this ministry.
Today I am ever so grateful for the reminder that not only does Young Life tell thousands upon thousands of kids each year throughout the world of a God who desperately loves them, but gives each of us the gift of treasures in the relationships we make.

You may not be involved in Young Life and that is perfectly OK, but I am sure you must be involved in something that has brought you joy upon joy.
Why don't you count your blessings today!!

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  1. Oh Missy, I bet everyone of those dear ones you ran into reflected on your goodness and faithfulness year after year. So many lives have been changed because of you! I know mine has! I can start my count with you sweet friend. MWAH!