Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Oh my, its getting hot at Woodleaf!!
I realize that for my friends living in Arizona, they have been in heat for awhile now. Not "in heat" but suffering from outrageous temperatures.
Usually the days at Woodleaf in the summer, are in the 80's-which is always my favorite temperature. This week-or the first few days of it, we are inching to the high 80's. But Friday and Saturday, its going to be in the high 90's.
So what you say? Big deal. Get over it.

Oh I wish I could.
Ask my children. When they were little, if the thermometer went above 89 degrees, I was in the " NO COOKING MODE", or as Scud aptly referred to it as the " Missy, meltdown mode".  I know, its probably the only time in our 39 year relationship that he's been RUDE.
Those 90 degree plus days were our popcorn and watermelon dinners. Mostly watermelon. I think I added the popcorn to make it more attractive for Kristi.
I still do those days. Oh shoot, that reminds me, I DON''T HAVE A WATERMELON right now. BUMMER. Note to self, get one in Chico on Thursday.

So its going to be HOT. And when you live at 3100 feet elevation, the heat might seem more profound. I think of it as being closer to the sun.
This is the time when we caution-no, we actually almost demand the campers, the work crew , the Summer Staff and our camp staff, that they really really need to increase their water intake, so that dehydration doesn't become an issue.

I am going to stock up on Gatorade because as a nurse, I find it helpful to also increase your intake of certain elements and Gatorade was designed to do that. Plus, I want to bring some added boost out to our fabulous Interns that are in the sun most of the day.

I am prepared. Well, No  I'm not.  Its too hot for me in the high 90's, but you can believe that I will do everything I possibly can to make this easier. Including raising my PG&E bill by turning on the AC. Thank God for air conditioning!!

The heating up of the temperature makes me wonder what I do when the HEAT OF LIFE strikes. How do I handle the heat of stressful times? Can I prepare for those times when life seems to be going out of control? What measures can I do to prevent me from having a boil over?

Truthfully, sometimes I can handle the rising temperatures of life's battles better than I can at others. 
If I know something is on the horizon that can threaten the seismic atmosphere of my life, I can realize that I am going to need MORE TIME WITH GOD. I can pray more. I can read my Bible more. I can recruit people to pray for me and let them know what's going on.
But what about those times when we have no idea something is about to   decimate my life for a time. You know those times when you get the diagnosis you never wanted to receive. Or that pink slip that you get (which is never really pink at all). Perhaps it was the absolutely crushing blow of the news your spouse is leaving you. Or something happens to your child-whether it be drugs or a life threatening illness. Maybe a relationship has gone bad. Whatever it may be, your life has gone sideways; a way you never ever expected.

In those very difficult times when life heats up, and you think you are about to explode, or you can't take this heat; the absolutely BEST thing you can do is what I do when I know something is happening.
Why we don't always go to the LORD first is mind baffling, but eventually we will wind up going to Him, because we know we can't make it through without Him or we go to GOD in desperation and plea bargaining.
We also need,  as followers of Jesus to spend more time with Him. We need to pray and lean on Christ more. We need to be in His Word-just to know we aren't the only ones who have ever had the heat rise.
We also need to go to our friends. They will be there to pray for us, help us with actual physical needs and how well we need their emotional and physical support. A simple hug can go a long way.

As I am preparing for the heat of this weekend, I encourage you to prepare for the next battle of your life that will cause you to possibly overheat.

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  1. Well, as for suffering through the heat of the coming weekend, I am happy to know I will be there to suffer through it with you....I will even bring you a watermelon ;)
    As for weathering life's imminent "firestorms", I am also baffled when I don't automatically look for God's help before another minute of pain passes. But I don't, not always. I suppose it has a lot to do with feeling un-worthy of asking for help, either because I haven't done anything particularly stupendous enough to warrant another's help, or because I always assume that surely someone else is in more need, or feeling more pain than I, so where do I get off putting my needs before anyone else's. That might sound nutty, but I bet most of us have felt that way.

    But....thankfully....I have finally begun to see the real meaning of God's Grace and how utterly unable we are to "deserve" it. Jesus' sacrifice on the cross and His unfathomable expression of love for us was about more than just the absolution of our sin (as monumental as that is), it's also a clear invitation for us to be in relationship to Him....about everything. Even when life gets "hot"....maybe especially then.
    I really think that the more we avoid taking our cares and pain to the feet of Jesus for fear of being a nuisance, or for fear of being selfish of His time, the less we really understand the very nature of His Grace.

    Thanks for the reminder, Missy....I needed it today.