Thursday, February 7, 2013

Distinguished and Distinct

Do you ever wonder about who you are?
Wonder if you are different from others? Or that we are all cut out of the same mold?

Do you get discouraged by setbacks and what you would consider failure ?
Do you try to imagine yourself as being different?? The newer, better version of you?

If we are honest with ourselves, and right now I am being honest, we all at times, wish to be different.
Want to be able to be distinguished from others. Want others to see something in us that they want to have for themselves.

Are we too caught up in what others think?
I know that I am. Way too often, I am more concerned about how others will view my words, my actions, my views. Instead of concentrating on what I am to do, I get all caught up in wanting approval of people.
Are you like this too??

The things I know about myself that are true I can share easily.
I am first and foremost loved by God and am unashamedly His.
I am a wife, a mother and a grandmother. I know I am not always the best at either of those titles, but I try - I really
      try to be the best I can be.
I am a good friend. I am loyal-to a fault and will defend my friends (and family) quickly.
I am a hard worker. I tried my best as a nurse to give the most excellent, conscientious care that I could.
I am using the gifts God has given me in discipleship and hospitality.

But does that really distinguish me??
Not really. Does it matter if I am blonde (with alot of help from Julie) and blue eyed? that I am Caucasian and live in the United States??
That I am now almost elderly- at least in my friend Caitlin's eyes.
That I am still overweight-but working on it??

Do any of these things really matter in the scope of life? eternity?

The thing that I want to count in what distinguishes me is my relationship with Jesus.
Has that made a difference to anyone?
Shouldn't I be more concerned about pleasing, obeying God than being concerned with what others think of me.

Yes I should.
Sometimes-more too often that I should-I let my feelings of what others perceive me to be, or how they might perceive me if they knew what I had done or not done, affect me way more than I should.

This morning in Exodus 8 I read that the LORD is in the middle of 10 devestating plagues in Egypt trying to get the attention of the Pharaoh to allow the Israelites to leave the land, makes a huge distinction between the people in Egypt and His people when the gnats hit the country by the millions. He deals differently with the two nations.
The gnats will be all over Egypt but not a single one will be found in the land of Goshen where the Isrealites resided.

"I will make a distinction between My people and your people..."

GOD so desperately wants to make a distinction between us that long to follow and obey Him and for those who choose not to know Him.

Does it matter if my house is bigger than yours?
That you make more money than me?
That you are prettier and skinnier than me?
That I have a better job than you?
That I am married and you are not?
That you are successful in all your endeavors?
That you passed the exam and I didn't?
That you conceive easily and I can not get pregnant?
That you are suffering from cancer and I only have heart disease?
That your ministry is way more successful than mine??
That I live in the USA and you live in the poorest of all nations?
That I am heterosexual and you are gay?

Does these things matter to God??
I have to admit, that I think all the LORD really cares about is that I am obeying Him.
That I don't compare myself to " the world's standards" but follow His.
That I seek His will above my own.
That I am really really trying to follow His commands. So that when I study for an exam and someone else doesn't and cheats and gets a better grade, that I will know I gave it my best.
That I am commited to staying pure before marriage. Not because I don't want to have sex with this person I am in love with, but because God says not too. And in the long run, I know He knows what is best and has told us that sex is for the marriage bed and not a casual relationship.
That I will not jeopardize my marriage by having an affair because not only will it hurt my spouse and others, but it is not what God designed marriage to be.

I believe with all that I am, that God wants us to make a difference for Him and NOT for ourselves.
That it is ALL ABOUT JESUS and not about me.
And He tells us that the world will know we are His because of what we do. Not how the world sees us as. But by what He sees us as: His beloved and adored child.

I purpose now to make a commitment to care more about what distinguishes me more from God's perspective than from anyone elses.
That I want to be distinct for His purposes and His plans.
I want others to wonder why I am the way I am. Instead of wishing I could be like them.
I want to be the person GOD has envisioned me to be...for the rest of my life.

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  1. Missy..when I'm feeling this way, I read my favorite poem...Desiderata. Be at peace with your soul! You are an inspiration to so many.