Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thankful Thursday

Are you at all like me and don't spend enough time giving thanks?
Just finished reading for the 2nd time, 1000 Gifts and have been contemplating so much that I have to be grateful for.

In No Particular Order:
My relationship with Jesus-without this, I am Nothing. Really.
Scud-the BEST man EVER
Kristi and Adam, Katie and Nate, Todd and Ryan...great kids...I mean GREAT kids.
Kellen and Jax. Those sweet boys who make me smile and bring me countless joy.
Time with 2 of my besties yesterday...laughing, crying (alot) and praying-along with a lunchtime margarita!!
MaryKay- the BEST friend who lets me crash at her house on a moment's notice.
LIFELONG FRIENDS....You know who you are!!
My first cup of coffee every morning.
Yummy food that's available to me most anytime.   
Those YLC girls who have stolen my heart....Year after Year.
Vacations to Kauai.
The Woodleaf family-it changes often, but love the people and love their hearts and willlingnes to sacrifice for God's kingdom.    
Those rainy and snowy days where I can sit and read by the woodburning stove.
Reading....LOVE to READ.
Gardening....pleasure to my soul.
The OCEAN...anywhere, anytime.
Memories...oh such memories.
Those very hard times....and how I grow during them.
My daily Prayer list-what a privilege to pray for People I love dearly.
Celebrating Kellen yesterday-the sweetest , kind hearted little boy.
Getting to read a newspaper while in San Jose...I miss that.

Those just were typed within 3 minutes. I have so many more. But I'm gonna make a habit of writing down things I am so thankful for on Thursdays and try and spend each day developing a grateful heart.
Encourage you to do the same.        

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