Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Do I say only what I should?

If you know me, you know that

.  I Love my family with all my heart. They are the BEST and BIGGEST          Blessings God has given me on this planet.
I have the MOST INCREDIBLE friends.
I have 2 lovable labs that I am crazy about.
.  I have an absolutely gorgeous view out of front window.
I love the ocean-and would rather vacation at a beach than anywhere.
.  I Love to swim (kind of goes with the ocean!!)
.  That Tommy, Kelly and Robby are our other kids
.  That Scud and I have grown to love so many of our kids friends over the 
   years that many of them are like our extra kids.
.  I have had the privilege of having two of the most amazing jobs ever: 
   being an RN for over 30 years and loving on college kids for the past 5.  
.  That number #1 on my bucket list is to go to Ireland.
.  That number #2 on my bucket list is to serve at an AIDS orphanage in 
. That number #3 on my bucket list was crossed out last October when I went    to the World Series and saw my Giants win.

If you knew me really well, you would know that:

.  Ice cream is my favorite food-most especially mint chocolate chip.
In college for one week I ate only ice cream and lost 5 lbs!! if only 
   I could do that today!
.  I have a a few friends that I could call on in a heartbeat and they would be 
   there for me-and they have been so many times. THANK YOU.
.  My maiden name was Bluett-yep just like it sounds!
.   I have a bleeding disorder that I inherited from my dad.
.  My secret desire is to write a book, but don't know if I have anything to say
   that anyone would want to read.
.   I LOVE to read-and now have the opportunity given where I live.  
.  Kellen and Jax -my sweet little grandsons are the apple of this Grammy's 
.  I really really LOVE college kids and recent college grads.
.  I gained alot of weight after my hysterectomy 20 years ago that I still 
   struggle to get off.
. And that I am MOST PASSIONATE about THE WORD OF GOD.   

So this morning in my time with God I was in the book of Numbers. When you read thru the Bible every year, sometimes you just have to read Leviticus, Numbers and Ezekiel, which can be hard to read. But if you ask God to give you new insights, HE ALWAYS DOES. And usually for me, He wants to say something to me and teach me or whack me over the head by my stupidity.

In Numbers 22 you have the story of Balak,  the King of  Moab who had heard about the Israelites and summoned a magician named Balaam to call down a curse on the Israelites so that Balak could overtake and rule them. Somehow Balaam knew of God and asked Him what to do. The LORD told Balaam not to go and not to put a curse on the Israelites. As Balak kept asking for Balaam to come, he would inquire of the LORD. One time, Balaam told the LORD he would do as he said but let it be known that he really wanted to go, so the LORD relented and said he could go but only do what God had told him to do.
Meanwhile the LORD was unhappy with Balaam over his real desire to go to Balak (he probably wanted some reward-even tho he said he didn't, but God always knows our heart) To stop him and get him to think, God used a talking donkey to teach Balaam about the need to obey. You can read about this story in Numbers 22 if you don't believe me.

Eventually Balaam does meet up with Balak, who again asks him to put a curse on the Israelites, which he refuses to do and instead blesses them. 
Balak in turn becomes angry and Balaam's response is found in verse 38

           “But I can’t say whatever I please. I must speak only what God puts 
             in my mouth."

This verse stopped me in my tracks. Spot on.

How many times reckless words have come out of my mouth in anger and frustration. Words that were spoken without really thinking. Words that had the power to hurt and crush another. Words that should never have been said.

What if in a conversation, I only spoke what God wanted me to say? You know those times when someone is confiding in you or asking for advice and you just don't know what to say. What if we prayed for God's guidance in ALL THOSE TIMES and only spoke what He told us to say?     
In many times with friends, I do pray. I do ask God for His wisdom. I don't want to say ANYTHING that would be against God's will.
But I don't do this all the time. And I should.

I know I am not the only one whose words have pierced another's heart, because words spoken freely and without thinking have hurt me too.
But what if we, as followers of Jesus really prayed and asked Him for the wisdom to say only what "God puts in my mouth"?
What if we just listened more and spoke less. 
What if our silence helped our friend draw into Jesus more to listen to Him too?

I am asking God to help me put this into practice starting this day. You might hear way less more of me as I wait to hear what God wants me to say!!      

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  1. Yikes don't know if I have enough duck tape to shut my dumb careless mouth! You nailed it with this thought. It really does make you think, I speak so much without restraint of God's direction unless of course I'm praying. I say whatever "I" want to say. Maybe we should remember that we our lives do not belong to us anymore and let the Ruler of our heart do the talking! nice work Missy!