Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I have been reading thru the Bible every year for somewhere between 15-20 years now.
Sometimes I read very slow and might only read a few verses in a sitting; other days I read fast and furious to get thru some of the Old Testament.
I know that God has a reason for naming all the people that occur. But for me, those names usually mean nothing. If they don't have a story connected to their name, I usually skim thru pretty FAST. But I realize they all have their own story, just as we do and probably if I were one of those names, I would be so thankful. Afterall, if you are named in the Book that has sold more than any other book since the world began, you would be honored to see your name included.
For the past week I have been reading thru the books of 1 and 2 Samuel, 1 and 2 Kings and 1 and 2 Chronicles.
1 Samuel and 1 Chronicles mostly tells the life of King David. Quite a number of people are mentioned, but i couldn't tell you who they are. The past three days I have been reading in 2 Kings and in 1 Chronicles and quite a few verses captured my attention but I just want to reflect on two of them.
The first verse is from 2 Kings 6 verse 17 and says in part:

"Open his eyes that he may see"

There is a scared young man who thinks that those fighting against Israel are so numerous that they will be crushed in battle. The prophet Elisha prayed for this young man and the LORD opened his eyes to see all the horses and chariots and warriors that He had provided.

I want my eyes to be opened to see the things that God wants me to see. I want to see clearly with His vision for my life. I don't want to be discouraged when things don't go the way I had thought or envisioned. When life throws me curveballs that come out of nowhere. I want my eyes to be opened daily to the things HE wants me to see, because maybe, just maybe, His idea for my day is completely different from what I had planned. And I don't want to miss at all any divine appointments that He has scheduled.

The other verse just lept out to me, mainly because i have been reflecting alot on the verse in 2 Kings 6:17 and it is from 1 Chronicles 19:13b

"The LORD will do what is good in His sight."

The LORD's sight. He sees everything and misses nothing. Nothing we can do escapes His eyes. And even tho I am not there yet, I know that 2 Chronicles 16:9 says: "for the eyes of the Lord range throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him."

God's eyes see perfectly clear. There is no squinting, no rubbing dirt out, no reaching for the glasses or putting the contacts in. He sees everything with spectacular clarity.
He knows when I am seeking Him, when I am doing everything I can to reflect Him in a way that is honoring , He knows when I am obedient and when I am not. He knows when I try and fool others to think I might be better than I am, but He sees the real me, all the time.
And so the times when I wonder what to do next, what He wants and envisions for my life, why would I not go to Him first? Because even if I go after what I want, what i desire and think I need and when it contradicts His ways, somehow -mostly thru pain and trials, I come back to Him. I come back to His clear perspective, His truthfulness.
Doesn't God always do what is good in His sight? Doesn't He know the best way? Even tho things don't always seem good to me; is my definition of good the same as His? I have learned over the years thru pain and suffering, that God does see clearly, when i don't. That HE sees the finish. HE sees the end of our trials. He sees the end of our suffering. HE sees the end of our lives when we just see the here and now.
So I truly want to see with His eyes. With eyes wide open to see what He does. To try and look at others thru His eyes and not mine. To be open to see what He wants and then to be strong enough, faithful enough, to do what He wants to be done, regardless of what my eyes might see as stumbling blocks.
Oh Lord God, open my eyes to see.
And may I always keep you in my vision.

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  1. We see on such a micro level. I look at God's vision as seeing us at the macro level which sees all the connections. We want to scream why, but He knows how it fits together. I am so grateful He sees us with eternity on His mind. Love your heartfelt words Missy