Wednesday, January 21, 2015


The older I get, the less likely I am to try new things.
I might try something new for exercising and see if I can do it.
I will try new recipes and am always up for trying new foods.
It is the challenging things, the ones that might cause me to fear, that I seem to want to avoid. I don't want to fail. That just seems like it makes me "older".
Maybe I just like what is comfortable, what is known. To have that feeling of security, normalcy, to know what is going to happen .
Life isn't always like that, is it?

So this year, I decided to try something new. Something different. Something I felt was maybe needed.
For the past 20-25 years, I have read through the Bible each year. If you know me, you know I don't start with Genesis and read all the way through to Revelation. I just read and let God's Spirit move me.
This year, I had this sense, that something new was needed. That I should do something different.
I decided to just concentrate on Jesus and His words.
I decided that I would just read the Gospels; and really soak in the words of Jesus.
If I read just one chapter a day, it will take me four months to read through all the Gospels, and by doing that I can read them three times each and really soak in the words, listen to what Jesus has said and really contemplate how it applies to my life. I can see things new and maybe differently.

I am exasperated at times to read articles, books, blogs that tell me this is how I am to believe on certain issues (ie homosexuality, gay rights, abortion, how to treat the poor).
What if I just asked Jesus?
What if you just asked Jesus?
Isn't His opinion, His commands, His Words, the ones that really count?
And how are we to know what He is saying if we don't read His Words?
I have looked over and over and have yet to find anything that Jesus says concerning homosexuality. I know there are verses in Scripture that talk about this issue, but I don't find any words from Jesus.
This isn't saying He doesn't have an opinion, it is just an observation that He Himself does not address the issue.
There will be MANY issues that arise in our lives, that the Bible does not directly say "do this" or "do that", but that doesn't mean, we can't ask Jesus to help us know His truth. I believe with all my heart, with all my mind, that Jesus wants us to know and live His truth. Sometimes, it is up to us to ask Him to reveal His truth to us.
Please don't take others words, others interpretations. 
In time, He will reveal Himself to you.

"Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free" John 8:32

Today, three weeks into the new year, I finished reading the Gospel of John. I must say, not that I am surprised, but each and everyday, I pondered anew the words of Jesus. Something, some word, some circumstance, some story, caught my heart and I meditated on what this meant to my life. It has truly been a breath of fresh air. Reading and really trying to hear His words. Soaking in His truth.

As I finished today, I read the words in John 21:19 and then again in verse 22

"Follow Me."
"You must follow Me".

That is what it is ALL about.
Following Jesus.
Being obedient to His commands.
Asking Him when we are unsure.
Following Jesus doesn't mean that life will be easy. In actuality, it gets really really hard at times.
Following Jesus doesn't guarantee a pain free, trial free, heartache free life. It just means that following Jesus is the BEST way. The way that will lead to life everlasting.
Jesus wants our devotion.
He wants our obedience.
He is the ONE who is GOD.
He is Good. He desire His best for us.

Please don't get caught up in what others say, don't believe what one man or woman says, ask Jesus Himself.
"Follow Me".
That is probably the one true thing we can do.
We can make the decision each and everyday to Follow JESUS. Sometimes, it may be a moment by moment decision, but the BEST thing we can do is : 
to Follow Jesus. 
For our whole lives.
Until we meet Him face to face and get to be with Him forever and ever.

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