Friday, January 2, 2015


Today was day 2 of my new routine.
Listening. Soaking in. Meditating. Pondering. Believing.

This morning I read John 2.
This is the famous passage of the first miracle Jesus performed. You know the one where He turned water into wine! What I would have done to be at that wedding!!!
The story is crazy and many people don't believe it. 
I believe the story. Why wouldn't I ? If Jesus is God, and I believe that with all my heart, and He left heaven to come to earth for the sole purpose of restoring us to having a relationship with the Father, why wouldn't I believe that He could change water into wine ? And was it the best Pinot ever or was it a phenomenal Cab ? Oh to taste it would have been wonderful!! (but I am getting off course here).

It wasn't the miracle of changing the water into wine that caught my thoughts this morning. It was at the beginning of the story, when the wine ran out and Mary, Jesus' mother asked Him to do something. 
His response to her was:
      " Dear Woman,why do you involve me?"  

Because Mary knows WHO YOU ARE. She knows that YOU are GOD.
That is why I, we, come to you.
Because I know that YOU ARE GOD.
YOU are the ONE with wisdom, with answers that I need.
The ONE who provides me with strength and courage when I have none.
The ONE who promises to supply my every need I have.
The ONE who can uphold and support me, when no one else can. Even the ones I normally look to.
YOU are the ONE who longs to reveal Himself to me, to us.

Why involve You?
Life does not make sense apart from You.
Life often seems to not make sense with You, BUT YOU have promised to never leave me alone-or you.
That YOU are ALWAYS with me.
That YOU are the Good Shepherd, who longs to nurture us, to carry us, to bandage us and mend us, to heal us.

So Lord Jesus, like your dear sweet mother, I need to involve you in ALL the affairs of my life. There is nothing in my life that You want to ignore, that you don't care about.
That is why I want to involve YOU.

THANK YOU that You let me.
That You listen.
That You care.
That You want to be involved.
I am so very grateful for that.

In the story, after Jesus realizes that this, this is His time to start His miracles, Mary tells the servants:

    "Do whatever He tells you."

What would all our lives look like if we just did "whatever He tells you (us)" ?
If we just obeyed?
If we just listened?
If we just followed His leading?
All the time, everyday, day in and day out. Week in and week out. Month in and month out. Year in and year out.
You get the picture.
What would it be like if we just obeyed the moment He told us something ?

Possibly a bit less chaotic. A bit less confusing.
Possibly a bit more clear.
A life with more HOPE.
A life dependent on the ONE who loves us with complete abandonment, the ONE who promises to be with us always, to never leave us or forsake us.

Ahh, if we just did " whatever He tells you."

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