Thursday, January 1, 2015



 I, for one, am ready for a new beginning; an opportunity to make some changes that I need to, a time to be intentional about pursuing God more.
 I want to be purposeful in maintaining and strengthening relationships with those I love. 
 I desire to be present.
 I choose to extend grace and forgiveness.
 I am going to choose to love when I don't feel like it; give my time when I'd rather not, give my resources when I want something. (that is probably so insignificant.) 
I hope to be more of the person that God envisions me to be.

This year I am going to switch things up a bit in my previous routines.
For twenty plus years, I have read the Bible each year. I never start with Genesis and end with Revelation. I don't have any plan, I just start and then I believe, the LORD leads me.

But this year, I have felt the need to do something different. So for at least the first 4 months, I am going to read only the gospels. I want, I need to just hear Jesus' Words. They are life giving to me.

What HE says is more important than what anyone could ever say to me. I need His input- on everything!

I love blogs. I love books. I get challenged by what others say. But I need more of Jesus.
To be more who Jesus wants me to be; I need to be with Him more. I need to soak in His words; meditate on them, ponder them, believe them. I need to practice putting them into my life.

I am really looking forward to this new endeavor.
I know I will be challenged. I will be convicted. 
I probably will feel like a failure at times.
But I anticipate knowing and loving my Savior and LORD more than I do today.
And how glorious and amazing will that be?

Yesterday I read Sarah Bessey's post on Facebook, asking her many readers, what had been their word for 2014 as the year began, and what would be their word as the year came to a close. 
I spent some time reading what others had written and then thought about my own life. 
I had chosen the word GRACE to be my word for 2014. I did learn more about grace and I think I extended more grace, but am not sure that is the word that actually described my year. I ended up choosing a couple of words that reflected my year.

TRUSTING was the word that came to mind the most. Trusting the LORD when I was so UNCERTAIN of so many things. When life took different paths than we could have ever imagined. Trusting that GOD remained in control when life spinned off the axis that was trajected.
SEARCHING was the other word. 
Searching for what was next. Searching for God's direction. Thankful that He showed me.

I am not going to think of a word for 2015. 
I think I will reflect at the end of this year to choose the word.
Last year I wanted more GRACE. Needed more grace. Wanted to give more GRACE. It was about what I wanted.
This year, I am going to let GOD choose the Word that HE wants for me. Or maybe a few words. Or a few verses.

What I do know is that God longs to reveal Himself to me; to you. 
I heard a wonderful pastor speak these words last fall:
" There is NEVER a time when God is not wanting to reveal Himself to us".

That is what I want to hear this year. His revelations to me. 
I pray that you too, will hear Him more.

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