Thursday, March 1, 2012

A Great New Day

Winter has finally hit Woodleaf. It has been the most unusually warm winter here; and like the rest of our country, we have wondered "what the heck is going on?".
Well 2 nights ago, we began our first real storm of the season.
I actually left our Nor Cal regional meeting early to go home so that I would beat the brunt of the storm.
That night I was taken back into the winter of Narnia. As I drove up the road, known as the Challenge grade, I was blown away by the breath taking beauty of the freshly fallen snow covering the road and trees. I wish I could have captured it in a picture.
It was truly magical. The road had not been plowed yet and I heard the crunch of my tires on the pristine snow. I was mesmerized by the absolute stunning beauty of the night and repeatedly thanked God for this unexpected pleasure and being able to fully appreciate the minutes I was given to relish this spectacular sight. These are the moments that I love being able to live in the mountains.

And what did I wake up to again this morning?

This means another glorious day of sitting by the woodburning stove with both my pups next to me sipping on my hot coffee and being able to spend time with the Creator in an extended period of time.
I did the same thing yesterday-ALL DAY. I read and read...from a terrific $1 find from the dollar store entitled, Sin Boldy, A field Guide for Grace, by Cathleen Falsani. What a book and what a deal!!! I spent most of the day reading, reflecting and praying over what I had read.
I don't think I could ever adequately express the Grace of God. I don't know if any of us can, but this little book and Phillip Yancey's "Whats so Amazing about Grace" have both challenged me and made me so grateful for God's too numerous to count, unmerited favor to me.
Today I am again in awe of My God. I am grateful beyond words. I have fallen more in love with the One and Only God who loves me in spite of who I am. Who truly LOVES me, and even likes me. (when there are so many many times when I can't even like myself).
Earlier this morning, I began reading in the Gospel of John. I barely got thru the 1st chapter.
" In Him was life and that life was the light of all men".

My regional director, Randy Jackson, continually points us to the fact that "CHRIST IS LIFE". Yeah, I know that. You probably know that too. But do we live like we know that??
Do we get that "In Him was life"?
Why, oh why, do we wonder what is going on in our individual lives, and try to figure out what to do, when Jesus Christ is the answer to our life.
How do we even begin to ponder life's great struggles, problems, pain, without going to the Source of Life?
Often, repeatedly way too often, have I tried to figure out life on my own. And then, after confusion, doubt and just plain stupidity, I finally go to the ONE who created life, who has ALL the answers I need. Who longs to guide me to the BEST way.

Towards the end of John 1, Jesus says to Philip, " FOLLOW ME".
I believe this is what He is saying to me.
Follow Me. Because I have the answers to life. I am the Sustainer of your life. I am the One who created you and has unbelievable plans for you. I have My Best for you.
And just like the beauty of the snow, so white, pure, untouched and undefiled, that is what Christ will do for our lives. He takes the garbage, sin and. pollution that has taken us captive, and waves His mercy and forgiveness over and thru us, and gives us a fresh start.
What a beautiful way to start this day and EVERYDAY!

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  1. Missy, you always challenge me to sit and spend time with my Savior - thank you for sharing today - I love you and miss you! Beckie