Thursday, February 16, 2012

Stand Still

Exodus 14:14 says:
"The LORD will fight for you; you need only to stand still."

Hmmm. What does this mean? When does this apply to me?
Well, I am not for sure certain, but perhaps we are to stand still when:
. You have been wronged. You want to retaliate. You want to clear your name and
. Your child goes off in the wrong direction. You have tried your best to raise you
your kids to know and follow Jesus, but they are asserting their independence
and they want nothing to do with you or your God.
, Your spouse has betrayed you. Had an affair. You are divorced. And you want
others to know you really tried and gave it your all.
. You have been misunderstood by your friend or your group of friends-and now they
are keeping their distance from you.
. Your reputation has been tarnished or even ruined. You beg to tell your side of
the story.
. You have been passed over for a promotion and someone very less deserving gets it.
You don't understand.
. Your prayers go unanswered, or so it seems. And you are trying to go ahead.

There could be tons of reasons for why we might be called to stand still.
Why does God ask this of us at times?
Because He wants us to know that HE is more capable of fighting our battles then we could ever be.
He wants us to trust Him in the midst of uncertainty, confusion, fear, loneliness and isolation.

Standing still requires absolutely no effort on our part. And that is where the difficulty lies. We don't want to stand by and do nothing. We want to fight for our rights, for our reputation. We live in a society that shouts to us that we can do it. We can decide our own fate. We don't need others to tell us what to do or not to do. We are fully capable of living our lives, our way.
Oh what a lie that is.
We need others. We need God desperately.
But we want to be our own boss. We don't want to have to wait on God.

Do you ever wonder why God tells us to do certain things? Commands us to follow His way? Its because HE alone is the ONE who has all the answers. To ALL of life's questions, dilemmas. To all the injustices we face.
I hate to stand still. I want things NOW.
Fortunately, God has shown me repeatedly thru the years, that there are some situations where I can do nothing. Where I am not in control at all. That I just have to stand still and let the LORD fight for me.
Do I like it? Absolutely not. Is it hard? You bet it is.
But do I trust Him? A resounding YES.
Does HE see everything you and I go thru? YES.
When we are maligned, He will vindicate us in His timing. He will do the fighting.
WE just have to stand still. And go nowhere. And that is hard to do. Really hard.

Is there something right now, that God might be causing you to stand still and Let Him do the fighting??
It really can be a burden lifted, that was never meant for us to carry.

But do you TRUST GOD? For me, He has NEVER proved to be anything but Trustworthy.

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