Thursday, March 6, 2014

Trying to figure out Lent

Yesterday marked the beginning of the Lenten Season. Typically known as the 40 days before Easter, but they never count Sundays, so theoretically Lent is 46 days long.

Lent is the time before Easter.
The time that prepares our hearts and our minds for all that the Savior of all mankind did: He was beaten, suffered, spat upon, and died for us. Died for everything wrong we ever did or will do in the future. The crazy thing is that its not just what I did wrong or what you have done, He did it for every human being that has been on the surface of this earth since time began, and until time on earth is finished. This is just a mind boggling thought. Because, how many billions and billions, maybe even trillions of us have lived?

Lent is a time for us to reflect. For some it is a time to give up something-to remember that Christ gave up His life for us.
OK, how does me giving up candy as a kid, or ice cream, or all sweets, or alcohol or Facebook or Pinterest as an adult, even begin to compare to what Jesus did for me, and for you? It doesn't. I can't possibly even begin to compare.

For some of us, we want to give away or give more of ourselves to others. Whether it means giving away things we don't need that others do, or giving more of our time to some worthwhile endeavor.

Other people fast and deny themselves food, which probably signifies identifying themselves with Jesus fasting for 40 days and nights in the wilderness. When we "fast" for these reasons, when we are hungry-
 we are to remind ourselves to turn to Jesus, to dwell on Him. Having fasted at various times, I agree there is so much validity to this practice. It has kept my mind in tune to God, and have frequently turned to Him during my times of fasting.

There is much to be said of the benefits of trying to "do something" during the Lenten season.

This year, I am determined to do more.
To do more time with Jesus. To seek Him in ways that maybe I haven't before. I don't know what that looks like, but what I do know is that I hunger for more of HIM. I want to look more like Jesus at the end of this season of Lent.

I want to celebrate on Easter HIS RESURRECTION FROM THE DEAD. I want to be much more in love with Jesus than I am today. I will seek Him diligently. I will look for Him in the little things, in people I come into contact with. I will ask Jesus to reveal more of Himself to me. I desire for Jesus to change me, so that I will resemble Him more and more each day.

So as I try and figure out this Lent thing, I just want to know more of Him, love Christ more deeply and be obedient to His leading in every area of my life.

What do you do during Lent?

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