Tuesday, March 25, 2014


I have bad eyes. 
I mean the color blue is great. It's just that my eyes don't see well.
Thanks to the genes passed on by my dad.
I was in 7th grade when I first needed glasses. That and braces and the start of zits. Not such a pretty sight.

I vividly remember one time when I wished I could really see without my glasses. I was double para-sailing with my oldest daughter and I was the one who pulled the ropes whether we went left or right. But I couldn't see and Kristi would have to yell at me, "Go left Mom" or "Go right". Not to mention that I did not get to see the vastness of Lake Tahoe that we were para-sailing over.

One year I had had enough. I decided I wanted to wake up on my next birthday and be able to see the clock on the other side of the bed. So I made an appointment at the Laser surgery clinic. I was so excited and hopeful. 
To my utter dismay, I found out that the only part of my body that was too thin, was my cornea. I remember this doctor telling me that he thought he might still be able to work it out.
Ummm NO thank you. He told me that the risk of going blind was one of the side effects. So for years I have worn my glasses or contacts to see.
As you get older, your eyes change and your vision makes it a necessity sometime in your 40's that you need glasses for reading.
For me, it was not a big deal at all. My eye doctor just changed my contacts so that one was for distance and the other for reading.
And this year, I found out that having surgery for  thyroid cancer can also change your vision. Fortunately my daytime vision improved and my night time vision worsened.
Whatever, my eyes just don't see that well.

My ears on the other hand seem to be just fine. I can hear well-sometimes too well. And I still remember the time, also in 7th grade, when ice cubes numbed my ear, and my sister pierced my ears with a needle going through my ear into a wine bottle cork. Still have the same holes-all these years later.

Even with my eyesight being not the best, I have been extremely blessed to see some amazingly beautiful things around the world. 
But I also have seen some ugly things. Some in person, some on the TV. 
I remember watching with horror as the second plane went into the World Trade Center Tower. I remember seeing the Challenger explode. I remember the atrocities of Vietnam and watching on tv riots erupt in Los Angeles and Chicago. I have seen pictures of children starving all over the world that break my heart. Sometimes, I wish I could not have seen some things.

And I have heard some amazing and wonderful things with my ears.
From my husband whispering that he loves me for over 39 years.
For hearing the sounds of the waves breaking at shore.
For hearing my children's first cry, their first laugh, their first word. I will not forget that.
The melodies in songs, the beat of music can move me to laughter or tears, but can also make me sing like no one is listening.
Then I have heard some terrible things with my ears. 
Gossip, rumors, ugly words spoken and heard.
Things that make me shudder. Things I wish I had never said or never heard.

I'm sure you have had similar experiences with your eyes and ears as well.
This morning I was reading in the book of Isiah in the Old Testament and read the following:

I am staggered by what I hear, I am bewildered by what I see. My heart falters, fear makes me tremble. (Isiah21:3b)

Good to know I am not the only one to be baffled by what I have seen and heard.

Yesterday and probably today, much was written about World Vision in the news. World Vision is a Christian relief organization that has been around for over 50 years. Their chief aim and goal is to alleviate suffering and poverty in the world. Yesterday, they decided that they would hire Gay Christian married people. This has caused an outroar among Christians in America.
If you want, you can read Rich Stearns, the president of World Vision's words here

Whether or not you agree with gay marriage, whether or not you are a christian, everyone has an opinion on this subject. Today I read a great blog by a guy who just asked some questions.

But this reminded me of something I read also in Isiah this morning. This time it comes from chapter 11

"He will not judge by what He sees with his eyes, or decide by what He hears with his ears, but with righteousness, He will judge the needy, with justice, He will give decisions for the poor of the earth." Isiah 12:3-4.

So I have seen with my eyes the ugly words that have been spoken and have heard people's views on this and am basically disgusted with how we as followers of Christ have responded.
Today in the above verses, I again realized, in these often controversial topics, how I respond, what I say needs to come after I have gone to God about this. My response is based on what I hear God telling me, not others.
So whether we agree or disagree, may we all remember that the Creator of us all, is the only ONE to judge. His opinion is the ONLY one that counts. And He does not decide by what He sees, or by what He hears, but by what is TRUTH. And GOD is the author of all TRUTH.

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