Saturday, August 31, 2013

Wholehearted Devotion

Do you ever wonder....

  • what it would be like if you lived as you were meant to?
  • where you would be if you had taken a different path?
  • how often you really were saved from a catastrophe?
  • what it would look like if : You had not gone to a certain college? taken a different job? or a different career? had married? or not married your spouse? had or not had children? received word that you had a terminal disease or had a chronic condition?
  • And how you would respond if any of the previous variables had happened?
  • And has it really really made a difference that you know and believe in the One True God?
  • what it would be like if you were fully devoted to God?

These random thoughts can pop into my mind at the oddest times. Often I wonder where they come from. Today I know why they are there. I have ben reading 2 Chronicles in my times with the LORD. This is one of the books that chronicles the lives of the kings of Judah and Israel.
In the past two days I have read from chapters 16,17,18 and 31:

" For the eyes of the LORD roam throughout the earth to strengthen those whose hearts are fully committed to Him"
"His heart was devoted to the LORD"
"First seek the counsel of the LORD"
"In everything he undertook...and in obedience to the law and commands, he sought his God and worked wholeheartedly"

What does it mean to walk wholeheartedly?
What does it mean to be fully devoted to the LORD?

For me, it probably means to:

Spend time with God everyday and talk to Him throughout my day.
It means going to God first for my questions and directions for my life-before I go to others.
To obey what His word says to me because it is always true.
It means loving my family in the best way possible, always looking for the best way to minister and encourage them.
It means Loving and caring and encouraging my friends thru good times and bad.
It means not being judgmental. OUCH that's a hard one for me.
It means to always be truthful, and to be loving even when it might hurt someone.
It means not watching TV shows that have no worth to me (and movies as well).
It means being committed to who HE has called me to be committed to.
It means trusting God even when life hurts so deeply-like when people I love die too early or are so sick with cancer or other diseases.
It might me being with people when I am so tired and weary.
It means trusting God when I don't know the outcome.
It means Waiting on Him -NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES .
It means taking care of myself and my body. Woops another one I really need to work on.
It means maybe only having one glass of wine (Yes, I love wine).
It means realizing that I might be the only person another person might see who knows Jesus-and am I truly reflecting Him?

It means trying my very hardest to be who He envisions me to be.

For now, it means reflecting Jesus in this uncertain time of my life. More than anything, I want others to see the realness of God and how I cling to Him when I don't know what is next.

I so much want to be the person that God sees me as.
Not the one I judge harshly. Nor the one that keeps sinning and is so selfish.
I want others to see the HOPE that I cling to. That HOPE is JESUS CHRIST and NOTHING less.
I want to be fully committed to Christ and to be fully devoted to Him and the things that are important to Him.
And I want others to notice that there is something different in me, something that can ONLY be attributed to my relationship with the GOD who loves each one of us so incredibly that HE went to the greatest length possible to show us. 

I want to be wholeheartedly devoted to Jesus; each and everyday, and in each and every moment.


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