Thursday, April 5, 2012


Every year, during "HOLY WEEK", I read the accounts of Jesus' road to the Cross and His Resurrection. I ususually start on Tuesday with the Gospel of Matthew, then on Wednesday, Mark, Thursday Luke and on Good Friday, I read the Gospel of John.
The first four days I read up to the Crucifixion.(these accounts are found in Matt 26-27, Mark 14-15, Luke 22-23 and John 18-19.

Then on Saturday, I read all the passages about the Resurrection (Matt 28, Mark 16, Luke 24 and John 20-21).
I abhor reading the stories of how Christ, my God, was beaten, spit upon, scourged with the cat of nine tails and then nailed to the Cross. Everyone of them makes me cringe, ache and often become teary over the love Jesus Christ has for each person ever born.

This morning I wrote in my journal:

Oh LORD Jesus, again we crucified you. It is horrific. But it needed to happen and in this way. YOU knew all along.
Were you scared or anxious or fearful? And what about the tremendous pain YOU endured? And yet you said nothing, never uttered a word of complaint. You took it all. The scourging with the cat of nine tails that ripped open and tore your skin apart, the spitting, the hitting of your face, and then the agony of the Cross; trying to catch your breath, knowing the end was soon.
And the worst part? The FATHER turning away.
What anguish.
YOU became the sin of the ENITRE world-from ages past, to the present,to ages future.
And GOD, Your Father and mine, could not stand it. The HOLY GOD turned away because He could no longer look at His precious Son. YOU had become the filth of the world. You were the ONCE AND FOR ALL sacrificial Lamb. You, THE LAMB OF GOD, who took upon Himself, the sin of all mankind, and paid the rpice for us.
It had to be death. It had to be the absolute worst. Because sin had to be defeated for always. YOU did it, LORD Jesus. YOU did it for all of us. YOU did it for me.

AMAZING LOVE, how can it be, that YOU, my God should die for me?

Your love for us, Your desire for all mankind to be in a relationship with Our Father, was your only motivation.
Oh, THANK YOU. These words can never express my gratitude; my vocabulary is litmited.

Oh Praise the ONE who paid my debt"

My prayer is that anyone who might read this, will seriously take the time to contemplate what JESUS CHRIST did for us this week a very long time ago.
HE suffered and died for our sin.
But then on Sunday, RESURRECTION SUNDAY,


HE rose from the dead and sin and death were dismantled and conquered forever.
Tomorrow might be Friday, BUT SUNDAY'S A COMING!!


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