Sunday, April 24, 2011


Habakkuk 3
His coming is as brilliant as the sunrise.

So I just spent 13 days in the beautiful island of Kauai.
Which happens to be my MOST favorite place on the earth.
What a tremendous gift it is to marvel everyday at the sunrise.
To see the clouds blowing into the island and then to begin to see speckles of pink and orange and crimson fill the sky.
Each day it seemed the sunrise would get more spectacular or maybe it was just that I looked forward to them more and more each day. I didn't want to miss a single moment of the glorious awakening to a new day.
One morning I saw this sunrise:

Then another day I saw this series of images:

Each different moment I witnessed stunning, almost indescribeable, breath taking beginnings of the dawn's early light.
And each morning the sunrise was completely different than any other days.
Multiple times my breath was taken away and I was imaging what it must have been like creating the world for God.
"do I want to start with this brilliant sunrise or a more subdued one?"

Oh LORD make your sunrises however you want them to. They are incredibly fabulous however you choose.
One morning after a night that had a continuous almost torrential downpour, I woke up especially early because I remember my dad telling me that those sunrises' were something you would never want to miss...and this is what I saw

And my quote at the beginning of this that the LORD's coming will be as brilliant as the sunrise has my imagination piqued.
Today is Easter. This is the MOST GLORIOUS day for all who call on the name of the LORD. Today is the day that Jesus Christ Rose from the Dead. He defeated sin and He defeated death. The GREATEST MIRACLE of ALL time!! It is the day that assures me that no matter what happens to me in this life, that NOTHING can separate me from His Love, from His Grace. That Resurrection Sunday can be everyday, because Jesus has redeemed my life from the pit...forever.
Easter is EVERYTHING that I base my life on. Jesus is the HOPE, and STRENGTH and PASSION of my life and I long to see Him face to face.
In the Bible , He promises that He will return to the earth coming in the clouds.
In Hawaii and now, I love looking at the cloud formations and wondering what it will look like when Jesus returns to the earth. I have certain days when it has rained and the clouds are drifting across the sky dancing merrily, and the sun is breaking thru and I think to myself "this is what I think it will be like when Christ returns", but that's just my finite imagination.
And if His coming is as BRILLIANT as the sunrise....I can't even begin to fathom.
All I know after witnessing the incredible beauty and majesty of the sunrises the past 2 weeks, is that I can't wait to see Brilliance of Christ's return.

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