Sunday, May 10, 2015

A Re-post from Last Year

Mother's Day 2014

Tomorrow is Mother's Day-you know the Hallmark manufactured day to celebrate moms in America.
I actually have always like this day because it is the one day of the year that is just for me. I know I am selfish-that's a given. But I share my birthday with my husband-so birthdays aren't really special-especially the last one we celebrated.

This year though, Mother's Day seems a bit harder to accept.
I think about those who have lost their moms this past year, and how tomorrow just emphasizes the loss again; as if you weren't grieving enough.

I think about those who have lost their child.
They may have other children, but they lost one and their lives will NEVER be the same again.
There will always be the empty ache of the deep longing for their child.
My heart aches tremendously for them.

There are some women out there who have given up their child for adoption because in reality, that was the most loving thing they could ever do. They didn't have the resources to care for this child, and so they entrusted them to someone who could love and provide for them. They never stop remembering. This day brings again the sadness. Someday they might just meet the one they "gave up" but really "gave more" so that their baby could have life.

I think about the women who will suffer greatly tomorrow for they have lost their children to child slavery, or sex slavery.
The mothers of those sweet innocent Nigerian girls are aching and hoping.
Mothers throughout the world are missing their children who have become lost-or mostly kidnapped by very evil people for their own monetary gain. I am praying with you.

I think about the women who have suffered miscarriages and those who are unable to have a child.
Both are CRUEL. Both leave an emptiness that most of us can't comprehend.
But I know how hard it is for you on this day. My heart really hurts for you.
I pray that God will someday give you a child-whether it be from your own body or thru adoption.
And until that happens, that you can "mother" others children. Afterall, one mother just doesn't seem enough.

I have been gifted with four children, three from my body, one a gift from God.
They have blessed my life. They have challenged me and made me a better person.
I am so grateful for Kristi, Todd, Katie and Ryan.
Thank you LORD for letting them be their mom.

For those of you who are hurting and grieving, know that there are plenty of us, who will be praying for you tomorrow.
If you have a mom-thank her for her sacrifices and love.
If you are a mom, thank God for the privilege.

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