Friday, September 19, 2014


I've found a new site called Five Minute Friday . In this site hosted by Kate Montauge, you are given one word to write about for five minutes.

Today's word is:

Hold on to what you know is true.
To those things that deep within you, never change.
Hold on to what you believe in.
Don't let others tell you what to believe in, check things out for yourself.
HOLD on to the people you love.
Not in a I'm never gonna let you go, but a hold that treasures them, that encourages them, that lets them know you are always there for them and in their corner.
Hold tight to the good memories in your life. the ones that make you smile and laugh and remember sweet times. Forget those bad memories. You can't change the past.
Hold on to GOD.
There won't be anytime in your life when you don't need Him. He is the ONE you never want to let go of, because He is the ONE who will carry you, sustain you and surprise you throughout all your days.

Five minutes are up. want to do this to? go to:  
five-minute friday


  1. Visiting from Five Minute Friday!

    Love your thoughts and totally agree -- we need to hold tight to the good memories in our life and to God! Right now I'm doing both with a personal/family situation.

  2. Wise words to live by. Thanks for your uplifting post. Visiting from Five Minute Friday.

  3. Wonderful words to remember. Thank you so much for sharing.

  4. Glad you found FMF and linked up! It's a great community and we're so happy to have you be a part! This is such a sweet little list of things to hold on to packed with so much truth. Thanks for sharing!