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Bucket List #3:GIANTS and the WORLD SERIES.

REMEMBER being a child and waiting with excitement and anticipation for Christmas?? We spent weeks pouring over catalogs and watching TV commercials, and then waiting for Christmas Day to see if Santa brought what we so desperately needed/wanted. And then squealing with absolute delight when we got what we asked for.

I can imagine the very first Christmas morning as the angels in heaven stood on their tip toes looking down for the birth of the baby. The baby that was God's son. They had been waiting thousands of years to see this!! The only other event that topped this was the first Easter morn, when that same baby, who grew up to be a man, gave His life for all of us so that we would escape the entrapment of sin we were born into. Easter morning, Jesus defeated death and rose from the Grave as the angels and saints in heaven cheered ecstatically that sin had been overcome .

WE all have had moments and memories of the excitement and anticipation of what we are hoping to happen.
THE monumental event in my life that I couldn't wait to happen was the day I married Scud. Like alot of little girls, I imagined and daydreamed about my wedding day. As the years progressed I wondered who this man would be? Would he be cute? Would he think I was cute? Would we like similar things? Would my family and friends like him? What would we do, where would we live?? Those kind of questions that one conjurs up in our minds wondering what it would be like.

My wedding day was absolutely wonderful.  The man showed up and there would be only two things I wish had been different: that my mom was still alive to be a part of this and that the weather would dip below the 106 degrees that it was. Other than that, I wouldn't change anything and I would marry Scud again and again all over again.

Did you see the movie "the Bucket List"?
I imagine that countless people saw that movie and began making their own bucket lists of what they would like to see happen before they leave this earth. I know I did.
Some of my list has happened already. I saw both Kristi and Katie get married (still waiting on Todd and Ryan). I became a grandmother.  I kind of maybe started writing. Some things still I would like to see or happen is:  going to Africa to work in an AIDS orphanage so that I could use my nursing skills, I would like to go on a family missions trip with kids, spouses and grandkids (got a taste of that going to Russia in the 1990's with our family), I really want to visit Ireland-because I'm an Irish girl. Those are a few of my bucket list, have you made yours?

Last night I got to cross off #3 on my bucket list.

I  became a GIANTS fan in 1958, thanks to my Dad who wanted one of his girls to become a baseball fan.
(IT worked Dad, it really did!). I was 5 1/2 yrs old when he took me to Seal Stadium and the two things I remember from that night was : it was cold and Ernie Banks (Mr Cub) hit a grandslam. My dad told me I would always remember that. I went to Candlestick in 1960 the year it was finished and then for the next 39 years, I went to so many games I can't remember how many there were.
I single handedly help make Scud a fan (ask him someday about our first baseball date!!) and dragged my kids to the games until they became fans in their own right. I actually went into labor with Todd at Opening Day in 1980. One of my favorite Giants memories involves Kristi learning what an intentional walk was. As our batter was being walked, she yelled out at the top of her lungs (which that too doesn't happen very much with her!) "They're balling him, they're balling him"!! The crowd around us roared in laughter.
We went as a Young Life family in San Jose every opening day for years-decreed a holiday by Scud.
Started a mother-son game with The Paine's and watched Todd meet his childhood hero, Chili Davis.
Scud, Todd and I also got to see the last game at the Stick thanks to Ron and Rick Conway.

I was tortured thru watching the Giants in three other world series. 1962 with all my childhood heroes playing. 1989 walking off the escalator as they earthquake hit, and when the series resumed 10 days later, I could not find any one to work my weekend shifts at the hosptial. In 2002, we had two kids in college and couldn't really rationalize spending the money.

Two years ago, we had tickets to Game 6. The Giants became the WORLD CHAMPIONS IN GAME 5!!!  But I didn't care-they WON.

So Monday night as I watched them become the National League Pennant winners once again, I began online looking for tickets but the prices were unreal. There was no way we could go.
On Tuesday while it was raining I decided to look again. I was looking for Game 2 tickets. After pages on Craigslist i found a listing for Game 1 that wasn't really out of our reach. I quickly called Scud to see if we could go and he said YES. So after texting and calling the guy I bought the tickets from, I got in my car to go to Chico and for most the entire ride I thanked God for this incredible gift and opportunity.
Many may say that this isn't what God cares about; going to a Giants World Series game is incidental. But for me, its been a lifelong dream and I couldn't quit thanking God.

1 Thessalonians 5:18 says: "Give thanks in all circumstances".
Not sure if this is what Paul had in mind, but to me, God gifted me with this bucket list wish. When both of us work for YL, its obvious we aren't rolling in the cash, but somehow we were able to afford this.

So yesterday we left Woodleaf around 11:30 for the trip down and met two of my favorite Chico girls in Marysville and headed to San Francisco. It was really fun getting to experience it with Sam and Katie-something none of us will forget.

Zito?? The Opening Day , Game 1 pitcher of the World Series???
Barry Zito??? The same guy left off the roster 2 years ago cause he wasn't producing.
Yes...that same guy.

Webster's dictionary defines redeem as: to make up for; make amends for; offset (some fault, shortcoming,)
                                                                to recover by payment or satisfaction
                                                                to buy back, or pay back

Barry Zito redeemed himself for the past 4-5 years. He totally made up and recovered his status as a premier pitcher!!!

And the PANDA?? Pablo Sandoval...well he hit 3 home runs, two of them off the best pitcher in baseball today (Welcome to San Francisco Mr Verlander!). That was absolutely incredible to actually see in person.
And watching Gregor Blanco make 2 outstanding catches, Buster throwing out a runner, Timmy pitching like he used to , and so many other moments.

Going to the game was EVERYTHING I could have hoped for and MORE than I could imagine.
Walking thru the stadium an hour before the game started, watching the stadium fill up, the electricity and energy of the crowd, the friendliness of everyone, yelling MARCO     SCUTARO-like yelling Marco Polo in the pool as a kid, waving our orange rally rags over and over again...Everything was Perfect.

And to come away with the WIN in Game 1....PRICELESS!!!
For 54 of my 60 years , I have bled orange and black. They are the ONLY team I am passionate about...this was so worthy of my bucket list and so worth every penny it cost us.
I'm so thankful my husband knew how much I wanted to go.
And I am so thankful that God allowed me this opportunity.

I am also eternally thankful that I know what redeemed means in my own life. Jesus bought me back for the Father. He paid the price for my sin and made satisfaction for all of us.
I think us knowing Jesus is Number 1 on His Bucket List!!

TODAY'S BLOG IS DEDICATED TO: my wonderful husband Scud and my GIANTS LADIES: Samantha Stone and Katie Lee. Thanks for the challenge.

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